The fragile coral reef is safe as the Dolphinaire , piloted by a trained dive master – guide, floats on and moves along the surface of the water, preventing guest explorers from inadvertently causing damage to the fragile coral reef environment. The six guests wear full-face dive masks, and hold on to handrails positioned about 18 inches below the surface. The full-face dive mask overcomes the most common problems associated with first-time underwater experiences: users breathe normally through both nose and mouth: the device does not fog, and the wide seal prevents water from leaking into the mask.

The onboard audio system conveys information about the marine life they see below as well as dos and don’ts to avoid damage to fragile environments should passengers decide to explore the coral reefs on their own.

Guests wear specially designed buoyancy vests, that position the body correctly and rendering the users weightless when submerged. The experience begins and ends in waist deep water, for a gentle and non-threatening start and finish. The vehicle positions the guests next to each other, with three on each side of the pilot-guide.

A state-of-the-art onboard computer system performs a number of functions, under the control of the tour guide. It processes steering commands, setting the proper speed and direction of the vehicle propulsion system. It also hosts a high quality digital audio system that is connected to waterproof headphones built into the face mask assembly worn by each passenger.

While encountering different marine species, the tour guide selects from a series of brief pre-recorded natural history lectures that the computer then provides to each guest in his or her native language. Not only do guests learn about the marine creatures they see, but they will also be educated about environmental responsibility if they choose to explore natural coral reef environments on their own. In addition, the audio system permits interaction with the dive master-guide.

More than 80% of oceanic visitors would like to enjoy the OceanFlyt experience!

As confirmed in an extensive market survey conducted by a major accounting firm in Hawaii.  The commercial version of the Dolphinaire has been designed, based on information learned during the testing of the prototype  featured in the video.

It will operate all day on a single refueling, provide clean breathing air to the passengers, host a sophisticated computer-controlled audio system and can be launched in shallow water very close to the beach or from a boat in shallow off shore locations.