“Safe Educational Underwater Dive Experiences For Everyone From 8 To 80”

People the world over have shared a fascination with the ocean and a deep desire to explore the natural beauty of the underwater world.

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The world debut is planned to be located at beautiful Anaeho’omalu Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii.


To provide safe and exciting underwater adventures to virtually everyone from 8 to 80, regardless of lack of physical ability or swimming skills. OceanFlyt passengers will learn about marine life in their native language, as they see it.


A new device called the Dolphinaire© that has been built and successfully tested in prototype in Hawaii with dozens of people of all skill levels and ages. Dolphinaire passengers are weightless when submerged, and feel as if they are flying above the reef….OceanFlyt.

Underwater tours will be provided in tropical oceanic destinations in resort areas famous for thriving coral reef underwater environments in Hawaii, the South Pacific, Caribbean, and the Middle East.